Mambukal Resort


Mambukal Resort lies 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. Originally developed by a Japanese architect named Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927, the resort started as a bathhouse and picnic garden and has provided cool haven for Negrenses and their guests. 

Spread over 23.6 hectares, Mambukal is blessed with exceptionally beautiful natural features. 

A big mountain stream, fed by several tributaries, descends in a series of seven waterfalls and cuts through the center of the resort, feeding the water holes and boating lagoon. 

Mambukal boasts a number of hot sulfur springs whose medicinal waters are a balm for the weary flesh and continually feeds the dipping pool and the newly renovated Ishiwata Bathhouse. 

Its slopes and dips house interesting rock formations and lush forests of tropical and semi-tropical trees as well as a variety of pines, ferns, and orchids that thrive on its cool climate and rich soil, known as Mambukal clay. The resort has strategically located viewing decks or for more intimate encounters with nature, the Canopy Walk, with its hanging bridges. Or go all-out and challenge yourself on the Wall Climbing or the Slide for Life. 

For visitors, who wish to take time, various overnight accommodation facilities are available to suit their needs---family cottages, LGU cottages, standard rooms, dormitories and camp sites. Picnic huts and canopies are strategically situated near the two swimming pools and the warm sulfur dipping pool for excursionists. 

Mambukal is also ideal for those inclined to mix business with pleasure. Versatile conference halls that can accommodate large number of guests are available for various functions such as seminars, meetings, workshops, and conferences. 

To rejuvenate one's spirits, and touch base with Mother Earth, there is nothing like a trek to Mambukal's seven breathtaking waterfalls, a close contact with the abundant species of butterflies and an impressive view of more than 4,000 fruit bats that abound the area. The annual Mudpack Festival is an event one should consider coming back for. It's a unique event as it celebrates the harmony of man and nature, featuring Mambukal's distinct multi-colored clay to stir the people's awareness of the importance of our environment. Artists from all over the province gather to exhibit their respective artistic talents in ethnic music, dances, and crafts. 

No other resort in the Visayas gives a holistic experience of nature that invigorates the mind and the soul, transporting visitors to the realm of peace and tranquility---and the journey starts from the gateways of Mambukal.


Quiz Facts: 

ο Anchor Tourism Destination of Negros Occidental. 

ο It has Land area is 23.6 hectares but only 12 hectares is presently developed

ο It lies 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as gateway to Mt. Kanlaon 

ο It has interesting rock formations and lush forests of tropical and semi-tropical trees as well as a variety of pines, ferns and orchids that thrive on its cool climate and rich soil, known as the Mambukal clay.

Accommodation Facilities: 

ο 3 Family Cottages 

      -Can accommodate 6-10 persons 

      -2 fully air-conditioned bedrooms and 2 baths with hot and cold shower. 

      -it has a living room, dining room and kitchen area. 

      - there is veranda surrounding the cottage with outdoor barbecue pit and a spectacular view
        of the boating lagoon 

      -6 Free swimming passes to any of the 3 swimming pools in the resort 

ο 11 LGU Cottages 

      -4 rooms per cottage

      -Floor area per room is 20 sq. mts.

      -11 double occupancy rooms, 22 quadruple occupancy rooms & 11 family rooms with 6 beds

      -All rooms are fully air-conditioned with hot & cold shower, kitchenette and veranda 

ο Tourist Lodge 

      -There are 8 Standard and 2 De Luxe air-conditioned rooms with toilet and bath 

      -Each room can accommodate 2-4 persons 

      -the Suite Room can accommodate a maximum of 10 persons. 

ο 4 Dormitory Type Rooms 

      -Can accommodate 20 persons per room 

      -With electric fans


Recreational Facilities: 

ο Kiddie and Adult Pool 

      -A wading area divides the 3-ft kiddie pool and 5-ft adult pool. 

      -18m x 18m wide 

      -Type of Water: Chlorinated Sand Filter 

      -Swimming Fee: Adult - P50/head and Children - P20/head 

ο Mambo Pool

      -4 ft. - 5 ft. deep

      -31 m x 16 m wide

      -Type of water - Chlorinated Sand Filter

      -Swimming Fee: Adult - P50/head and Children - P20/head

ο Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool

      -Four (4) feet deep with love seat surrounding the pool where the people could sit and dip
        their bodies. 

      -19 x 19 meters 

      -Type of water: Overflow sulfuric water 

      -Swimming Fee: Adult - P50/head and Children - P20/head 

ο Ishiwata Bath House

      -The Ishiwata bath house is the oldest structure in Mambukal built in 1927 by a Japanese Architect named Kokichi Paul Ishiwata. It is Roman & Greek inspired. The bath house is operational. Hot sulfur water flows into five different cubicles giving one some privacy and a relaxing time. 

      -Open 7am - 10pm 

      -Rate: P150 / person for 30 mins. Additional: P50 / 30 mins. 

ο Boating Lagoon

      -9 Ft. deep 

      -36 x 23 m wide 

      -6 pedal boats 

      -6 canoe boats 

      -1 kayak boat 

      -5 row boats 

ο Canopy Walk

      -Gives you a spectacular view of the forest area 

      -The hanging bridge is approximately 153.2 meters long 

      -25 meters high connecting 5 trees. 

      -Opens from 7am-4pm only 

      -P50 per trip 

ο Slide for Life

      -This is the first step on conquering fear.

      -A platform attached to a tree is where you take off for the slide of your life. 

      -P50 per trip ο Wall Climbing

      -is approximately 8 meters high and 3.5 meters wide. 

      -It can accommodate two persons at a time. 

      -P25 per trip


Other Facilities and Amenities: 

ο Convention Center - Entirely versatile, configured with audio visual, lighting and meeting equipment for seminars, conferences and banquets. The entire hall is divisible into 3 sections: Halls A,B, & C and can accommodate up to 300 persons. 

ο Picnic Huts - Small: P300; Big: P600 

ο Tents 

ο Food Court - Opens from 6am ? 10pm. They serve all variety of food like: seafoods, chicken inasal, lechon, native delicacies, etc. Can accommodate 100 persons 

ο Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto - Masses are held during special occasions. Picnic Area is 39 m x 12 m wide and can accommodate 400 persons 

ο Butterfly Garden 

ο Bat Watching 

ο Catering Service 

ο Sulfur Hot Spring - This medicinal Sulfur Hot Spring is located near the tourist lodge. It is believed to cure cases skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatism and increases the flow of gastric juice and improves appetite. ο Transport Service 

ο Administration Office 

ο Cutflower 

ο Trekking 

ο Jump Off Point to Mt. Kanlaon 

ο Souvenir Shop


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