Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital (GVMGMH)- Himamaylan

The Beginning:


The construction of the Himamaylan Emergency Hospital at Himamaylan, Negros Occidental was the pet project of the then late congressman Agustin M. Gatuslao started in the year 1958. The initial construction of the main hospital building, out-patient department, chief of hospital's quarter and nurses' dormitory on a 2.5 hectare lot was donated by the Gatuslao family and the construction was lasted for four (4) years.

June 8, 1962, the hospital was inaugurated and opened to the public with an annual budget of Seventy Four thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Eight Pesos (P74,898.00) and it stared its operation as a 25-bed capacity hospital and an approved plantilla of 25 positions.

July 1, 1964, the hospital was renamed Occidental Negros south General Hospital serving southern Negros whose population were mostly workers from sugar industry.

Year 1969, an additional infrastructure projects were constructed - the boys' quarter and an isolation ward which is an extension of the main hospital building for the increasing number of communicable diseases admitted.

July 1 1972, the hospital was again renamed Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital in honor of the late Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao, a native of Himamaylan and brother of late Congressman Agustin M. Gatuslao. Together with this a corresponding law was approved increasing the bed capacity from 25 to 50 beds with an approved budget of Four Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy pesos (P432,970.00).

Year 1975 another Capital Outlay for additional infrastructure projects was released for the construction of a new Out-patient department and quarters for the chief of Hospital and Administrative Officer. The new out-patient department was constructed for the old out-patient department was destroyed by a strong typhoon that struck Negros island in the early part of the seventies.

July 1, 1975, another legislation was passed and approved by the old Congress increasing the hospital bed capacity from 50 to 75 beds with an approved operational budget of One Million Four Hundred Ninety Five and Six Hundred Thirty pesos (P1,495,630.00).

In the later part of 1990, former Senator Orlando Mercado and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile allocated Five Hundred thousand pesos (P500,00.00) each from their countryside development fund to this hospital for the construction of an annex building (extension ward).

April 1, 1993 devolution process for the province of Negros Occidental took effect. Today, the Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital (GVMGMH) is a Secondary Hospital with 75-bed capacity and Philhealth Accredited.

The Journey:

Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital is like a pilgrim that continues to journey towards its MISSION "Ensure accessible, affordable, sustainable quality health care service through multisectoral, community participation, empowered and good governance" anchored with its VISION "Healthy Empowered South Central Negrense" .

This is an institution sharpened by the tremors of trials and adversities and comes year 2012 this hospital will celebrate its Golden Years and for sure many more golden years to come for this institution was built to serve.

Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital is a normal being which participates in other aspect of its existence. Every year, month of May this hospital celebrates its hospital day. In this event the hospital showcases the unique talents and ingenuity of each personnel. It is the most awaited month and date not just for the personnel but as well as to the general public. Every year an indigenous theme is being conceptualize to complete the big event. Theme like "GVMGMH goes Hawaiian" this was the event where personnel worn Hawaiian costumes and danced to the beat of Hawaiian. Each personnel see to it that every year's celebration would be memorable and enjoyable memories that will linger in every heart not just of the personnel also to the public.

Himaya-an Festival a festivities held every April 26 to highlight the Annual Fiesta celebration of Himamaylan. As an institution, this hospital actively participates on the invitation of the city Government of Himamaylan an example to that is Inter-Agency Basketball Tournament.

December, this hospital celebrates Christmas party with different approach and highlights. Like the hospital day, the community does waits for this event but the highlight of our Christmas party and it has been a tradition that before Christmas party begins the personnel do Christmas Caroling and gifts giving to the patients. Gifts giving are the heart and soul of our Christmas party.

Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital does not only participate in local scene but this hospital actively participates in programs/contests authored by our mother agency the Province of Negros Occidental . Year 2003 this hospital ranked first in the search for Most Improved Hospital,5S 2003.

It has been three years now that Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital Bowlers with its energy enthusiastically joined the Provincial Capitol Employees Bowling Tournament. First time we joined the search for Provincial Statistical Bulletin Board Contest last October 23-24, 2007 this hospital was declared grand prize winner among the 15 participating offices and last October 22-23, 2008 among thirteen participating offices, again this hospital had proven and defended its throne being 1st in the search for Provincial Statistical Board Contest and last December 19, 2008 wherein this hospital sent its representatives for the search for Capitol Idol, a singing contest, for solo and duets and with all the support of every personnel hospital's representatives never go home empty handed they tossed the flag of victory for our dear hospital.

Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital amidst crisis stands firm for this is the legacy of our dear hospital for the next generation to come.


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