Ignacio L. Arroyo Sr. Memorial District Hospital (ILASMDH) - Isabela



A government hospital devoted in providing a quality health care and accessible health services to all the people of the 5th district of Negros Occidental.


  • To provide quality affordable and accessible health care delivery system especially in the remote areas.
  • To make medical surgical specialists services available to patients.
  • To promote a continuing professional development program for the hospital personnel.
  • To strengthen linkages collaboration to legislators to ensure adequate budgetary appropriation.
  • To follow and implement programs based on the agenda of Negros 1st.



Ignacio Lacson Arroyo Sr. Memorial District Hospital is a 25 bed capacity Level 1hospital situated at Brgy. Rumirang, Isabela, Negros Occidental which is 76 kilometers South of Bacolod. It has been downgraded to level 1 hospital for some years now due to some strict requirements of the Unified Licensing Team. 

It was a Puericulture Center at the start in 1950 run by the Local Board of Directors who manage the function of a Maternity and Children's Clinic. 

The hospital was nationalized on July 1, 1969 through an act of congress sponsored by the late Congressman Augustin Gatuslao of the 3rd District of Negros Occidental. It comprises the 3 catchment areas, the Municipality of Isabela, Moises Padilla and La Castellana. Because of its strategic location, the hospital also caters to the nearby barangays of the municipalities of Hinigaran, Binalbagan and the city of Himamaylan. 

Being an interior municipality, topographic condition ad terrain is not well maintained. The lives ad the economic condition of the people are very poor, whose livelihood depends on rice and sugar industry only. It has some upland barangays that are hardly reached by good transportation. 

The hospital building at a start was a Spanish type two-storey construction when it was transferred to the National Government. It was renovated I 1978 during the administration of the late Dr. Marcelo Villamarzo. 

It has a bed occupancy rate of 113.21 % for the year 2007. The new hospital was named after the father of the first gentlemen Jose Miguel Arroyo and the Congressman of the 5th district Ignacio Tuason Arroyo Jr. 

Of the total admissions last year, 20.17 % are considered PHIC patients and 79.83 % are charity. The hospital has 46 plantilla positions composed of Chief of Hospital, 6 Medical Staff, 6 Ancillary, 17 Nursing staff and 15 Administrative Staff. 

Now, the hospital is under the administration of the province, the Provincial Governor as the Chief Executive effective upon the implementation of the Local Government Code. Under the ECONOMIC ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT.


Executive Summary:

Although we can always say that the RHU are taking care of the preventive aspect and the hospital on the curative aspect, the actual role of the hospital are both curative and preventive since it supports the program thrusts such as EPI, CDD, ARI, NTP, Family Planning, Nephrology, etc.

We are also helping in decongesting the tertiary hospitals considering that we are screening the patients being transferred, doing major operations during Medical-Surgical Missions, minor operations, casting and other important services like x-ray, ultrasound, dental and laboratory services. Our location, is at Brgy. Rumirang, Isabela, Negros Occidental is very accessible to emergency cases. 

We hope that through this annual health planning our mission and vision will be materialized not only in terms of papers but in actual realization. However, in addition to this it will also warm the serving hearts of the entire district especially the staff and personnel of the Ignacio Lacson Arroyo Sr. Memorial District Hospital that our dedication and commitment

Situational Analysis:

Due to the present economic situation, most of the patients expect free services in the hospital being a government institution. With the increasing cost of health care, the patients cannot even submit for consultation or hospitalization. Poverty, remoteness of some barangays leading to poor access to basic health services and ignorance on basic health and sanitation practices are the most contributing factors which greatly affect the morbidity and mortality rate of the district.

Hospital 2007 Annual Statistical report shows that the leading causes of morbidity are: Acute Gastroenteritis, Pneumonia, UTI/Kidney Diseases, Peptic Ulcer Disease, PUFT (deliveries), Gastritis, Cardio Vascular Disease, PTB, Hypertension and SVI. The leading cases of mortality are: Pneumonia, PTB, SEPSIS, CVA, COPD, CHF, ANEMIA, PUD, MENINGITIS BAC. CANCER, ALCOHOL INTOXICATION, HYPERTENSION, AGE, WOUNDS. TEN leading causes of OPD Consultations. ARI, URTI, PNUEMONIA, ACUTE GASTROENTERITIS, UTI, HYPERTENSION, PUD, PTB, CHECK-UP and EENT. These can be prevented if there are trained personnel on ARI, CDD, Nephrology and NTP and availability of drugs, medicines, supplies, medical and laboratory equipments. 

Aside from the few who understands the way government hospitals are managed, there are some who demands immediate service and expect free hospitalization and transportation services. These are misinformation to people especially to the rural barangays and negative impressions of some who were not attended justly. 

But to the staff and personnel of Ignacio Lacson Arroyo Sr. Memorial District Hospital, who are just instruments in giving quality health care, we are all callous to the critics of the people. Being on the government service, we are all committed to serve the public. Our operational problems are: the hospital building is dilapidated, the roof, ceilings and gutters are leaking, and it is termite infested, the isolation room is not separated, having a very small area with no room for expansion, and slow procurement ad delivery of supplies, drugs/medicines and equipments and lack of computers. Medical, nursing and office staffs are inadequate with low access to training programs that will develop them in their full potentials.



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