Lorenzo D. Zayco District Hospital (LDZDH) - Kabankalan City


Historical Background:

Lorenzo D. Zayco District Hospital was established in 1973. It is located in the City of Kabankalan, 90 kilometers south of Bacolod City. 

Originally known as the Kabankalan Maternity and Emergency Hospital (KMEH), it was located in the heart of the town proper with a land area of about 500 square meters. Initially offering only outpatient services, it started to admit patients by 1975. When the Department of Health embarked on its Primary Health Care Program in the late 70s through the 80s, there was the integration of the public health and hospital services. 

The hospital was designated as the District Health Office and the referral center for southern Negros Occidental with a 25 bed capacity. It had for its catchment area the Municipalities of Candoni, Hinoba-an, Ilog, Kabankalan and Sipalay. The hospital then became known as the Kabankalan District Hospital (KDH). With the increasing number of patients seeking admission in the hospital and the expansion of its services, it became evident that the hospital has to be transferred to a better site where future expansions were possible 

A foreclosed hotel, The Friend's Inn located 2 kilometers before the town proper with a total land area of 19,800 square meters was identified as a good site to relocate the hospital. The Department of Health (DOH) under then Sec. Alfredo R.A. Bengzon purchased the property from the Development Bank of the Philippines in 1986. After renovations, the hospital transferred t its new home in June 1, 1987. 

Having to work within the structural design of a hotel built in the 70s, the renovations done was very limited wit certain sections not at par with DOH standards. This resulted to the perennial problem of inadequate space for faster patient recovery and poor ventilation. The increasing number of patients seeking admission further compounded this problem. 

In 1991, through the initiative of then Congresswoman Hortensia L. Starke, R.A. 7261 was passed. This provided among others the increase in bed capacity of KDH from 25 to 50 beds. It was however only in 1993 upon the full implementation of The Local Government Code of 1991 (R.A. 7160) when the hospital was devolved to the provincial government of Negros Occidental that KDH stared to function as a 50 - bed hospital with the corresponding support staff and budget. 

In line with the provincial government's thrust to rationalize the hospital system in the province and fully aware of the limitations of the hospital, the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Joseph G. Mara�on decided to upgrade the hospital. This is with the over all goal of making available improved hospital services for the southern part of the province and to minimize referrals to other institutions. Numerous equipment were procured to replace old units and to keep the hospital abreast with the latest medical technologies. 

Construction of the new Administrative and Ancillary Services building was undertaken and completed in early 2005. The offices of the Administrative Service, the Laboratory and X-ray sections, the Out Patient Department and the Emergency Room were fully transferred to the new building in June 2005. The old hospital building underwent massive renovation to serve as the main patient area to accommodate 100 beds and to ultimately include an Intensive Care Unit and a Dialysis Unit. Renovation was completed in March 2007 and patients were immediately transferred thereafter. 

In June 2007, through a resolution passed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, the Kabankalan District Hospital was renamed Lorenzo D. Zayco District Hospital in honor of the first mayor of the township of Kabankalan. 

Presently, the hospital serves as the office and core referral hospital of the South Negros Inter - Local Health Zone. It is also in the process of applying for an increase in its bed capacity from 50 to 100 beds.

Beds Capacity:

  • Per DOH license : 25 beds
  • Actual Implementing : 50 beds


Hospital Category:

  • DOH license : Level II General Hospital
  • PHIC Accreditation : Secondary Hospital

Personnel Complement: 106 personnel

Chief of Hospital I: 1

A. Administrative Services 35

B. Medical/Ancillary Services 21

C. Nursing Service 49

Total number of Beds Available: 97

Chief of Hospital I: 1

  •  Medical Ward: 17
  •  Pediatrics Ward: 14
  • Isolation Ward: 10
  • Ob/Gyne Ward: 14
  • Surgical Ward: 11
  • PHIC Wards: 23

      ο Medical: 14

       ο Pediatrics: 6

       ο Obstetrics: 3

  • Semi private rooms (2): 4
  • Private rooms (2): 2
  • Infirmary: 2


Service Offered:

A. Out Patient Department

      ο Daily Consultation

      ο Immunization

      ο Dental services (tooth extraction)

      ο Minor surgical procedures (excisions)

      ο Injection / dressing

B. Clinical services:

      ο Physicians with 4 year residency training in the following areas:

            ο Obstetrics and Gynecology: 1

            ο General Surgery: 1

            ο Internal Medicine: 1

            ο Pediatrics: 1

      ο Physician with 6 months in - service training in Anesthesia: 1

      ο Performs General Surgical procedures (major, medium and minor) 
         and simple orthopedic procedures 

      ο Performs Ob/Gyne procedures ( Ceasarian section, pelvic laparotomy, Dilatation 
         and Curettage, Normal and complicated deliveries, hysterectomy, etc.)

C. Clinical services:

      ο Available 24 hours daily

      ο Performs routine laboratory examinations

      ο Performs blood chemistry analysis

      ο Cross matching of blood for transfusion

      ο Blood letting

D. X - ray services:

      ο Open 24 hours daily (except Sundays)

      ο Performs simple x - ray examinations

      ο Performs special procedures with contrast media ( Barium enema, 
         Upper GI series, IVP, KUB, Barium swallow) E. Pharmacy:

      ο Open from 7am to 11pm daily except on Sundays (7am to 3pm only)

F. Other services:

      ο Bite center for Southern Negros Occidental

      ο Offers Newborn Screening tests

      ο Serves as the Blood Station / Collection unit in the south

      ο Emergency room services for emergency cases

      ο Transport services (ambulance) available on a First Come First Serve basis
         24 hours daily

      ο Admitting and Billing section open 24 hours 



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