Pana-ad Park and Stadium

Basic Information: 

  • Known as the Pana-ad Park and Stadium
  • Initial name is Negros Occ. Sports and Recreational Park especially during the construction period
  • Construction started on August 1997 and was completed on April of 1998 - 15 days before the scheduled 1998 Centennial Palaro
  • The site has a total land area of twenty five (25) hectares with full grown Eucalyptus trees estimated at 60,000 in number 


1. Main Stadium

  • Capacity of 12,000-15,000 spectators
  • Basic amenities included the following: VIP Lounge, Meeting Room, Media Center, Press Boxes, Offices, Computer Room, Athlete's Area, Competing Rooms, Warm-Up Area, Stage, Spacious Halls, Shower and Locker Rooms, Comfort Room and Exhibit Areas

2. Rubberized Track Oval

  • A world class Olympic standard track oval supplied by the famous Regupol AG of Germany
  • Base and grade preparation was done by administration (Provincial Government of Negros Occ.) ο Can accommodate soccer or football events, track and field, jumping and throwing events and is provided with a warm-up track.

3. Open Bleachersm

  • Capacity of 5,000 - 7,500.00 spectators
  • Surrounds the track Oval

4. Swimming Pool Complex

  • A 50m x 10 lanes Olympic Size swimming pool, 6 ft deep all the way
  • 1 25m x 10m warm down pool, 3 ft- 3 ? ft- 4 ft deep
  • A grandstand with 500-1,000 capacity spectators
  • Concrete and native cabanas
  • Five (5) - 5 hp filters (sand)
  • Two (2) - 2 hp filters (DE)
  • Equipped with modern sports-lighting equipment for hosting night events
  • Olympic size swimming pool complies with FINA standards

5. Tennis Courts

  • Consists of four (4) tennis courts with sports-lighting equipment for night tournaments
  • Enclosed with fence 

6. Pana-ad Trade Fair Grounds

  • Situated at the west side of the Park
  • Area was subdivided and given to cities and municipalities of Negros Occ. where these LGU's 
  • Develop and exhibit their products, culture and arts and their respective festivals
  • It also contain the Tourism booth and artificial lagoon

Other Infrastructure: 

1. Roads and Parking Spaces

  • Wide asphalted roads
  • Enough and spacious parking spaces

2. Drainage Systems

  • Properly designed and constructed drainage system for the entire parkBr>

3. Water Supply System

  • A 6" loop system covering the entire park ο A 50,000 gallon capacity elevated tank supported by one (1) 40hp submersible pump 500 ft deep and a 5 hp submersible standby pump in case of emergency or malfunction of the 40hp main pump
  • Water is potable and with proper treatment equipment

4. Electricity

  • A 1000 KVA Substation
  • A 500 KVA standby generator unit equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch which automatically transfers load to generator set within 15 seconds in case of utility company power failure
  • A an underground cabling system

5. Telephone System

  • A 100 pair telephone cabinet
  • A PABX or trunkline system capable of handling 14 trunklines and 72 local stations
  • Fourteen (14) direct lines
  • Underground cabling system

6. Data/Computer System

  • Complete data system terminals and cabling system
  • Capable of accommodating internet networks upon request

Major Activities Held Since Completion Last April 1998: 

  • 1998 Centennial Palaro 
  • 22nd Southeast Asian Age Group Swimming Championships 
  • ASEAN under 19 Football Championship 
  • Sanya Samakki Cup Negros Splash-In 1999 (SEA Interclub Age Group Swimming Championship) 
  • ASEAN Secondary Level Track and Field Competition 
  • Philippine Football League 
  • Millennium Palarang Pambansa 
  • National Underwater Hockey Championships 
  • ASEAN Women's Football Championships 
  • 2005 ASEAN GAMES Football Championships
  • Other National and International Events 

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